We are Urban Arena.


A collective of landscape architects, architects and planners who use unconventional ideas and our technical know-how to accomplish any project at any complexity or scale.



Providing boutique architectural design across developments. Product segmentation: Including lifestyle retail centers, mixed-use urban villages, and a variety of residential densities.

Landscape Architecture

Developing dynamic outdoor environments with unique social interaction opportunities. From community recreation facilities to center plazas to private gardens, all spaces are designed to delight and provide unending memories.


Creating living communities from vast civic master planning to dense urban villages, all have the same thoughtfulness of open space connectivity, conservation, and product segmentation.



  • Beginning June 26th, we began an 8 week experience that gave a taste of what UA is all about and introduced us to all the people that make it as great

  • What started as another “business-as-usual” Sketchup project for me, turned into an extensive in-depth video tour with all the trimmings, something th

  • A natural material palette incorporating wood tones, stone, dark metal trim, bright sun washed stucco, and a plethora of glass blurring the line betwe

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