3rd Annual 2018 ASLA Sketch Crawl


I’m sure you all heard about ASLA San Diego’s 3rd annual sketch crawl this past weekend on August 4th, at Balboa Park, but just in case you missed it. Here’s a recap!

Led by our very own talented Brice Ciabatti, the crawl was a memorable event which attracted ASLA members, family and friends eager to learn more about live sketching and Landscape Architecture. We met some attorneys, a chiropractor, design reps, and even a few engineers who were drawn in (no pun intended) to this sketchy event. After some short introductions and much deserved praise for the event sponsors Amy Mincilli, Urban Site Solutions, Stan Jirovsky, Belguard and Richard Risner RLA, Sketchbooks and drawing utensils were handed out and we started our crawl towards Cabrillo Bridge.

Brice started the crowd out with 45 minutes of blind contour drawing, hatch repetition & hand eye coordination exercises to help the group warm up before venturing into the park for some serious sketching. Once warmed up the group began with a 30 min. one point perspective sketch of Cabrillo Bridge.  The second sketch took the group to the Museum of Man Tower built in 1915 for the Panama California Exposition. After a few beers and a food coma thanks to our wonderful sponsors, we wrapped up the event with one last sketch, a two-point perspective of Balboa’s botanical building, by far the most challenging of the day! 

Some guests were new to the field, other long-timers mentioned they only sketch once or twice a year now, but with Brice’s attentive oversight, everybody crawled away with something to be proud of!

Everyone seemed to have a renewed interest and genuine excitement when discussing the techniques they learned or improved on. For those of you, who weren’t able to make it out, do not fret as we are positive there will be a 4th in sight.

3rd Annual 2018 Sketch Crawl

About the Author:

Originally born in the Ivory Coast, Brice has travelled extensively throughout the world. As a result, his design process and point of view on the physical world are highly dependent on locale. A graduate of the Cal Poly Pomona Environmental College, he is currently a project manager with Urban Arena. He has devoted a substantial amount of time to pursuing artistic endeavors throughout his career. “Sketching is the most basic of site analyses. It is only when performing this act of observation that one actually notices relationships and intricate details or nuances otherwise overlooked.” B Ciabatti.

Brice Ciabatti
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