No idea is a bad idea.

We are Urban Arena. A ground-breaking collaborative specifically designed to utilize the knowledge of the many. A company where ideas come to built reality, where there is no other limit than our own imagination. We truly believe in free-flowing, cross-discipline brainstorms where no idea is dismissed, since it may seed other design solutions. Designed to be better than the average firm, we have seamlessly combined disciplines into a cohesive singularity. Leveraging the combined knowledge of our architecture, landscape architecture and planning wings, we can bring a comprehensive design to the table in record time with extraordinary results.

We pride ourselves on doing things differently. We produce innovative design solutions that stand apart from the ordinary.

Urban Arena (UA) was established in 1996 by Michael Schrock. In 1997 a partnership was formed with Keith Mittemeyer to strengthen the company’s capabilities. Founded originally with a focus on landscape architecture and planning, Urban Arena quickly expanded to include architecture to provide clients with a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary service.

Urban Arena has offices in Orange County, San Diego, and Oakland. Our projects range from master-planned urban villages to retail and entertainment centers, theme parks, model homes, community parks, boutique hotels, luxury apartments, streetscapes and sports complexes.