Dalia Alasker

Orange County |  Project Designer

My journey into landscape architecture began through an extensive curriculum that included courses in both architecture and interior designs, while subsequently taking the philosophies and principles that define both and applying them to landscape design. My passion for the outdoors only grew stronger while orchestrating extraordinary experiences and creating moments to remember. These pivotal moments inspired me to start a small business that does just that, bringing the indoors to the outdoors, utilizing design to bring people together, bringing physical and physiological clarity by immersing people into nature. My driving force has been learning and understanding the impact that landscape architecture has on the community while pulling from my interior design background to blur the lines of spaces.

Completing the BSLA Bachelors of Science in Landscape Architecture program has allowed me to sharpen my communication along with graphic skills which have enhanced my abilities to problem solve and approach any project with intention. The evolution of my growth appears in the work that is produced, meanwhile staying curious, eager to learn, and excited to absorb the knowledge that Urban Arena has to offer.