Emerald Bay Residence

CONCEPTUAL RENDERINGS // One of our existing corporate clients has asked us to develop plans on his existing lot in the exclusive Emerald Bay community in Laguna Beach, CA.  After working on a remodel to his existing house at the same location, we were intimately aware of the surrounding conditions, and were in agreement for what we think we could improve.  Located at the near top of the community, we have almost complete 360 degree views to take advantage of, 270 degrees of which are ocean or beach views.  We decided to maximize every degree of these views be providing an almost transparent concept, allowing the entire residence to see the downtown streets of Laguna Beach all the way up to the docks of Long Beach on a clear day.  We will be using these concepts to inform our next round of architectural plans as we continue to work on this breathtaking site and design.

Bryce Sigourney

Architectural Project Manager at Urban Arena. Bryce joined the Architecture Team at Urban Arena in 2011, being only the second member on that team. Since then, he has been involved in almost every facet of Urban Arena progress and growth, dabbling in multi-family, commercial, urban planning and landscape architecture projects before settling into his current role as the lead project manager of Urban Arena’s custom single family projects. Most recently he has been intimately involved in the rebranding and marketing effort at Urban Arena to celebrate their 20th year of business.

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