HomeAid Family Care Center Opening

A home grown idea.

Lending Urban Arena’s creativity to a great cause.

HomeAid Family Care Center

What started as another “business-as-usual” Sketchup project for me, turned into an extensive in-depth video tour with all the trimmings, something that had never been fully realized at UA to date. The early phases of this project was focused on still-shot renders of the exterior showcasing the building and planting that was done with our Architect Jorge Regueiro and Landscape Architect Tim Sullivan. The client had grander plans and returned with a request to flesh out the interior to realize their vision so they could showcase it at their upcoming fund raising events. The goal was to create a walking tour video that could capture the essence of the future HomeAid Family Care Center.

Our “Chieftain” here in Costa Mesa, Michael Schrock, serves on the Leadership board of HomeAid Orange County (or rather Member-at-large as he’s listed on their website). We often get to work with HomeAid and contribute to their charitable work, but to date this would be one of our biggest undertakings. This project was not only for a good cause, but one that was very close to heart for the team.

The purpose is to provide Emergency Housing to Homeless Families.

While updating the architecture with Jorge as we went along, additionally, my duty as rendering artist was to give the Care Center some added life to tell the story. It was important to me to focus in on the smallest details as much as possible to achieve this. Whether it be the Highlights magazines scattered among the toys on the counters or Sesame Street playing on the TV screens. I didn’t want it to feel like a typical fly thru video tour, but rather an experience. To date this is probably one of our most detailed video presentations, from the specific light fixtures down to (or is it up to?) the vents and insulation in the ceiling.

The Family CareCenter will provide many amneties to families seeking shelter.

Once we setup our path of movement and everything was in place accordingly, the video was rendered multiple times overnight in order to check for any unforeseen bugs. Once a final cut met our quality check, transitions/motion graphics, sound effects and a music track were added to accompany the experience, as a little ambience goes a long way.

Then onwards it went to the good folks at Homeaid.

The lives of more than 5,000 people will be positively impacted through Homeaid Orange County’s Family CareCenter.

Many many months later and shortly before this post, I finally got to see our work come to life in brick and mortar at the opening of the Family Care Center. It was a very surreal experience. Walking the hallways, retracing the steps of the video tour inch by inch. Hopefully you can see in the comparison photos of the blog, that it’s not too much of a stretch. After a brief tour, and meeting the very welcoming staff…seeing the community gather as a whole – it hit me. What had been just this 3D building to me, a fabrication on the digital screen, started to take shape in reality. It fully settled in that this place is now a very real, very tangible thing. We played a role in developing something that is going to bring a positive impact on the community.

Even after all the many revisions and all the late night crunch times, I can honestly say, it was very much worth it.

More about the HomeAid Family CareCenter:
Families who are homeless are struggling to find safe places to stay each and every night. More than 60% of those living in shelters today are families with young children – including over 450 babies. After supporting 60 successful developments, HomeAid Orange County is proud to spearhead its very first project of its own, Family CareCenter, in the City of Orange. Anticipated to open Spring 2017, the Family CareCenter will provide 56 beds, serving 10-15 families per day. Renovations and improvements include 4,000 square feet of housing, a Learning Technology Center, a client intake area for referral services, an outdoor recreation area, a kitchen and dining area, six full bathrooms with showers and laundry facilities, and more.

HomeAid Orange County is a 501 (c) 3 charitable non-profit organization that builds and renovates shelters for those in Orange County who find themselves homeless due to sudden job loss, catastrophic illness, spousal desertion, and domestic violence. Their mission is to end homelessness.

Thuan Ho

I’m a geek and doing 3D art and design is my passion. Around 2 ½ years ago, Urban Arena took a chance on me, a starving artist that didn’t even know how tall a curb was (it’s six inches btw). Over the past couple of years I grew to call UA my home, and have learned so very much about the Architecture & Landscape industry (my background is in Video Game Design). In turn I bring my knowledge of the interactive mediums and videography to the “urban landscape” (clever pun!). Most recently we’ve incorporated new elements to our firm which brings me great joy to touch upon.

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