A Glimpse at the Architectural Design Process

The formulation of a concept through sketching.

As an architect, sketching is the primary way to formulate ideas that will eventually transpire into the built product.  Now how an architect accomplishes this these days varies all over the map.  You have senior architects that went through school and training “on the boards” learning how to hand draft. Young architects today are wizards with 3-D modeling software in which you get a faster finished look to a project.  But even with these new found softwares, the initial idea sometimes needs to be roughed out on paper with a pen or pencil.  That rough idea then gets refined to a more hard line representation from which a colored rendering is the end designed product ready for presentation.

Though 3-D models look fantastic and finished, there is a romantic quality of the hand sketch, and that kind of art has its place when selling an idea to either a client, or a city design review board.  This hand drawn process gives the project a more conceptual look which is especially important if the reviewing parties want to have more involvement in the design.

To be able to offer your client a multitude of presentation opportunities is what we do here at Urban Arena.  We tailor our presentations to achieve maximum results which in the long run both saves time and money.

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