Loren Hottenstein

Orange County  |  Office Manager

A true Capricorn – driven, down-to-earth, cautious, determined, and willing –  that’s me!  I am always exploring new ideas, I like drinking coffee with a straw, yet taking things one step at a time.

A self-proclaimed ChapStick-aholic & a true environmentalist; I refuse to pump gas.  Before landing my dream job at UA, I obtained a Sociology degree, which I use superbly to entertain the office and read minds, and was a soccer player at the collegiate level from Concordia University.

I love to compete at just about anything…and as the reigning UA beer pong champ with Mr. Lail in SD (Go Team Blonde Bombers), winning can be so fun!  If I’m not traveling to Fiji or Hawaii or Costa Mesa, I look forward to the sun being out, getting into bed to watch ‘Shameless’, biking around to happy hours, putting on more ChapStick, and more than anything spending time with my pup Kulu and my cute 12 year old sis; they’re both my absolute favs!