Nathan Nguyen

Orange County  |  Project Designer

I was born and raised in a small coastal town in southern Vietnam before coming to America.
I settled and received my education at Mississippi State University, where I graduated with the Bachelor of Architecture degree and completed an art minor.

I found the joy of creating art at an early age, and it was a visit to the city of Chicago that I fell in love with architecture. I love the idea of pushing the limit with your creative vision. Dangerously sounds, but I can easily get submerged in most creative projects. It amazes me how after all these years, I continue to be just as excited about the subject and the profession as I was during and after college.

Besides my work, I enjoy taking part in outdoor activities with friends. You’d most likely spot me on a soccer field or tennis court on a Sunday afternoon. Sometimes you might catch sight of me on an electrical scooter or an inflatable paddle board on a beautiful, sunny California day. Life is a work in progress. Everyday I give my best effort.