PARK(ing) Day 2020

Park(ing) Day setup in front of our Costa Mesa Office

Last week, we celebrated the annual event PARK(ing) Day in our Costa Mesa office. We teamed up with Hauser Site Furniture to create a parklet space just outside our office. Our office is located in a Business Center with zero outdoor spaces for its tenants to enjoy. So we decided to create a social distance-minded space for the tenants to enjoy – coffee break, lunch, take a phone call, conduct a meeting. We had a lot of positive response from our neighbors, whom all agreed we needed an outdoor space to enjoy, especially during these times when it is greatly needed.

We also got feedback on what people see in future social spaces. A common thread between answers was that they wanted to see something that still maintained some social distance yet still provide an intimate setting for you or a small group to enjoy.

We had a great time hosting our first ever PARK(ing) Day, providing a flexible outdoor space to fit many different social interactions – meeting room, recreation, outdoor happy hour. We hope to participate again in the future!

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