Project Spotlight: Oceanaire

How do you transform the worst-rated to first class? How do you rethink and activate apartment units that are buried away under an imposing 7-story structure surrounded by a concrete jungle?

The typical solution: Planters, large areas of planters.

Our outside-the- (planter) box solution: Instead of laying out an array of podium planters only to be enjoyed through visual appearance at different points of the site, you design one large, equally imposing space to be seen, felt, or heard no matter where you are.

Imagine yourself thousands of miles away, relaxing at a Bali island resort floating just above the water. We are bringing that experience to the residents by giving each unit its own Bali Cabana. These Bali cabanas cantilever out over the fountain so that residents can sit on the edge and dip their feet in the water. Fountain bubblers create a serene feeling throughout. Fire lounge islands floating in the center of the pool provides access to the Bali Court to all residents. Night lights illuminate the edges of the islands like moonlight and fiber optic lighting at the basin surface are sprinkled like stars. These amenities evoke the feelings of enjoying a Mai-tai under the sun on the beaches of Buta, or stargazing on a warm summer night in Crystal Bay.

The result: The client was looking for a one-of-a-kind amenity that provided a “Wow!” factor. We believe we made that vision come to life. These Bali court units are selling for more than the ocean view units on the seventh level and breaking all Long Beach rent records per square foot. The crazy thing – it really wasn’t that much more cost to do all water versus all the raised planters and typical courtyard amenities. Talk about getting bang for your buck!

Oceanaire has received the 2019 NAACB Silver Award in the category “Best Amenity.” We will be attending the Awards Ceremony in January to see if we can take home the gold! Stay tuned…

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