Project Spotlight: Palisade

Palisade at Westfield UTC is a new collection of luxury high-rise apartments. It is contemporary and refined bringing together natural elements and modern design, which you can check out here.

Let’s go a little more in-depth into how this project came about with some of the design team – Jordan and Katie.

What drove the inspiration for the design?

The design was inspired by the adjacent high end mall at the doorstep of the property and the proximity to the pacific ocean. We were looking to bring a curated, modern, cosmopolitan feel while keeping everything organic and natural to merge the two worlds together seamlessly.

What is a challenge you faced on the project?

One design challenge we faced was how to get the palm trees adjacent to the pool in the “lily pad” lounge features. Because the whole structure is above a parking garage and certain regulations provide additional constraints, it was a bit of a puzzle to make sure there was enough soil for the palm trees while complying with the regulations. We had to coordinate with the all the disciplines and the construction team to ensure it could be installed.

Materials cohesively used throughout the site

What was your favorite design aspect of this project?

Katie: My favorite design aspect were all of the details and finishes that went into the podium pool deck. From the waterfall countertops that were repeated around water features, showers, and accent walls to the details of the wood benches and all of the material selections. It was really fun to select all of those materials and then see them installed!

Jordan: The favorite design aspect of this project for me was the crazy big resort style 100’ long pool with the palm trees lining the sides all on podium.  The pool deck not only will be a great amenity for those on it but also for all the residential units in the 20+ floors above will have a pretty cool view down to the pool deck below.

A 360 VR video of the pool courtyard

Elia Osorno
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