Sarah Allen

San Diego  |  Project Manager

Born and raised in Los Angeles, known as Southern California’s Film industry, I became interested in differing forms of artistic expression and environmental stewardship. My interests brought me to UC Davis where my passion for the outdoor environment grew. However, I decided early on I wanted a degree which satisfied more than just the environmental aspect of my interests.

I quickly chose to get my degree in Landscape Architecture. The field is the perfect intersection of my passion for environmental consciousness and artistic expression with the intention of transforming and benefiting communities. As my time in the field went on I found myself more and more interested in urban design and transformative peacemaking through design. My projects focus on seeing each set of constraints as moments of opportunity for designing meaningful spaces.

In my personal time I practice yoga as a way to keep my mind and focus centered, hike to experience the outdoor environment, sketch in café settings to further develop my hand drawing abilities, and travel to expand my understanding of the world.