Sophia Rumpf

San Diego |  Project Designer

I am a Bay Area native who has slowly made my way down the California coast; first by attending school at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, interning in Malibu, then continuing down to beautiful San Diego upon graduation in 2020. I am drawn to Landscape Architecture due to its creative yet scientific nature. Through my studies, I have become quite the plant nerd and have found myself appreciating good design – be it natural or built – wherever I go.

My travels have only further strengthened my appreciation for architecture and the landscape by expanding my worldview and inspiring me to bring home visions of a greener, more connected world. It is inspiring to know that I work in a field that has the potential to improve both people’s quality of life and the environment at the same time and I am blessed to work at a place where these values are shared.

More personally, I consider myself very curious, and somewhat of an adrenaline junkie. I love to hike new trails, swim in new waters, snowboard down different mountains, try new foods, learn new things and pet new dogs. A professor once told me “Never stop being a kid,” and I plan to do so!