The Northern Expansion

Urban Arena did it!

It’s been exactly 1 year, 10 months, and 25 days since Urban Arena has expanded to Northern California, and exactly 8 months, and 13 days since it’s opened an office to call its own!

Urban Arena Oakland, formally Urban Arena SF, is currently located in Jack London Square, an up and coming side of town. The neighborhood is filled with emerging restaurants left and right and new construction projects for lofts nestled atop warehouses old and new. Since leaving SF, we are now located even closer to many of our clients, consultants and most of our projects that are based in the Bay Area. This makes going to meetings ten times easier because crossing the Bay Bridge on a weekday is not always a walk in the park!

What was the most exciting about opening a brand-new office, was creating the design and constructing the overall look and feel of a space employees would be interacting with day-to-day. Some fun things we got to create in the new office was the color palette, art on the walls, lighting, and interior plants.

Since there is little to no natural light in the space, we based our color palette on a fresh feeling to lighten it up and emulate a fresh new office. We painted the walls white, chose furniture with light wood elements, and placed indoor plants that can withstand little to no light, such as a good ol’ Zamioculcas Zamifolia, otherwise known as the ZZ plant (there was definitely some trial and error when initially finding a plant that can withstand this living environment). All these elements combine to make a real cozy office space.

Some of my favorite elements include: the conference room and the brainstorm space. The conference room has a custom wall mural made by UAOAK employees and low key industrial lighting to create an environment that one can chill in. The Brainstorm space comes complete with a paper roll on the wall to draw out ideas, a bookshelf and materials library, and our Urban Arena welcome sign. Both areas are great alternative spaces to work away from the desk and collaborate on ideas.

So now that we are settled into this new office, we are ready for continual growth in the Bay Area. Here is to many more years, months, and days for Urban Arena in Northern California!

Stay tuned for more to come!

Siobhan Hussey

With constant explorations of different environments, Siobhan seeks an understanding of the built and natural world that surrounds us. She values the importance of integrating these concepts and how Landscape Architects can help shape the future.

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