Timothy Tay

San Diego  |  Project Designer

A native from the 626 (LA) and a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona in Landscape Architecture, trekked all the way down to bright-eyed San Diego. As an overall take on life, he has always been fond of helping people in any way he knows how. Being bestowed the opportunity to be a designer helps in all wonderous ways. Passion for design and the outdoors fuels his pride in creating something everybody can enjoy. He strives to one day create community based designs in communities near and far. Thankful for the opportunity that UA has given him to further heighten his skills and knowledge of the world around him.

On off days, you’ll most likely see him with Boba Milk Tea in one hand and a good brew in the other.


Plant Identification:

Botanical Name: Timothio grandtayfolium ‘Lil Tim’

Common Name: Lil Tim Duncan

Water Requirements: VERY HIGH (and I call myself a native..)

Size: 48″ Staked (I usually slouch)

Final Size (HxW): Tall enough to see over people, wide enough to have personal space apart from people