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In 2016 we celebrated our 20th Anniversary. Urban Arena has become a vastly different company since its conception. So we decided to use this anniversary as an opportunity to reintroduce ourselves.

Although most of us here at Urban Arena have not scratched the surface of the entire 20 years of our company, we all feel as if we’ve witnessed an amazing transformation to a company we thought we knew.

Urban Arena was never solely a Landscape Architecture firm, but our explosive growth in planning and architecture has not gone unnoticed.

While redefining our company together, we took the opportunity to also update our outward branding.  This new look is meant to reflect who we are and we think that statement of who we are is even more critical than the new look.

Look how far we’ve come.


A new icon isn’t meant to abandon the old, simply to mold what was in order to better reflect who we have become.

WHY change a classic?

Our little blue sphere. We love it. It has adorned every media from notepads, T-shirts, title blocks, hard hats, license plates, and even ended up 10 feet tall on our store front window. We want to build on that success by moving forward with an even more streamlined focus.

By focusing on the origin of our logo we may come to realize we can better define ourselves. The new vectorized logo allows us to more efficiently utilize our brand on all things digital.


Our company identity should embody our style and brand. Our work already speaks for itself but why not give it a louder voice?

We Pride ourselves in the fact that we take a plenty-of-nonsense approach to many of our projects.  But at the same time we understand the need to buckle down and make it count.  That’s why Urban Arena excels at not only the big brainstorms, but the complex and fast moving world of production housing and Landscape design.


Like when you were a child, the best way to really learn about something is by taking it apart, examining it, finding its core and eventually reassembling it in your own creative way. A chance to streamline every facet of our brand.  A new logo allows us to take pause and consider the current state of our products.


Our ultimate goal is to market our product and express the confidence that the product represents our message. The core concept is that Urban Arena’s uniqueness is the product. If our product is speaking for itself, what is it saying? This new look and introduction begs us to reach out and tell the world who we are.


Our new mission statement should be our foundation, and every time we create, we should ask ourselves how this relates to that core. Our mission statement should reflect our goals and objectives, and leave us room to continue defining who we are in the future.


This is a question we must answer together. We feel that our uniqueness as a company is one of our strongest marketing tools, and we want to express that. This new look is meant to reflect who we are more importantly we need to state what we think of ourselves. There is truly nobody like us in creativity, complexity, or execution. Let’s use that uniqueness to define our brand, and let it reinforce the things we do best, because we believe that forms the core of our identity.

Urban Arena
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