Covenant Hills – Artisan Collection

Here at UA we have been working with William Lyon Homes as their Landscape Architect to help develop part of their Artisan Collection in Covenant Hills. Covenant Hills is a secluded and luxurious Ladera Ranch community set in South Orange County. Urban Arena is responsible for the landscape design for all 3 models with 14 homes total throughout the Artisan Collection.

The Models

Vincent Do (Urban Arena Partner) helped develop the Covenant Hills landscape guidelines for the community several years ago. He used this knowledge to design the initial concepts for all the lots while being aided by Blake Rhinehart. When I got hired on 3 years ago with UA and Blake moved up to the northern UA office, Vincent allowed me to take a stab at finishing what they started. It was a lot to take on and get caught up on as the models were already under construction. Luckily for me the homes were set into phases and I was able to get caught up relatively fast since not all 14 homes were being constructed at the same time. During this process of getting caught up many backyards were getting adjusted and redesigned to better fit a budget while also exploring new ideas / materials that the Client and homeowners wanted. This was the meat and potatoes of my role.

Lot 9
Lot 10
Lot 11

Working on these projects have been a pleasure along with being very educational. I had experience in custom homes before this, but nothing like this. Developing this many high end customs homes at one time created a larger than expected learning curve. Over the first month of working on these projects I went out to the models as they were being built almost three times a week. This was a crucial time because these models are what represent the rest of the homes that are being built. If the models are up and running then the other homes can attract potential buyers sooner. The pressure was there to get it done fast and get it done right.

Throughout this process we took notes of what amenities the people that live in covenant hills want and incorporated them as major pillars in the foundation of each backyard design. So what do people who live in covenant hills want?


Outdoor Rooms & Spaces:

Built In BBQ:

Water Features:

Lawns & Open Spaces:

Fire Pits:

I hope to continue to learn while adding this experience / knowledge to custom homes I design in the future. There is still plenty of work to be done out in covenant hills, but I hope you enjoyed a little slice of Urban Arena’s vision.

Austin Price
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