Bernardino Francisco | Architecture – Costa Mesa | Job Captain | 4th Year

What is your favorite thing about working at Urban Arena?
Coming to work feeling appreciated, acknowledged, and rewarded.

What has been your favorite project you have worked on?
One custom home we worked on that had many challenges that required a lot of research. The details of this home was also very unique.

What is your favorite plant/building material?
Wood finishes/material – can be used for all styles

Who/what are your inspirations for design?
Frank Lloyd Wright. His designs endure even til now.

When I’m working, I listen to…
Anything. I appreciate almost all kinds of music , except heavy rock.

What is your go-to design charrette/brainstorm idea?
Something BIG and monumental, but also something with a lot of detail (I’m a detail guru)

What is a dream project you would love to work on?
A large scale project like a new sports arena or stadium for my favorite team, the Lakers!

What is your design philosophy/mantra?
Good design is more than just aesthetics. It also needs to be sustainable & functional to make it a great design


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