Christopher Steuart | Architecture/Landscape Architecture – Costa Mesa | Project Manager | 18th Year

What is your favorite thing about working at Urban Arena?
The flow of new projects and challenges to feed a creativity habit.

What has been your favorite project you have worked on?
It’s a tie: Seaside Brewery, Anaheim Place Making, The Boulevard at Fair Oaks.

What is your favorite plant/building material?
Phormium Black Adder / Steel.

Who/what are your inspirations for design?
Ghery, Gaudi, Calatrava, FLW, Venice Biennale, Banksy, biomimicry.

When I’m working, I listen to…
Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Hard Rock, Metal, Alternative, Electronica

What is your go-to design charrette/brainstorm idea?
A massive treehouse with slides, zen pods, and ziplines

What is a dream project you would love to work on?
A contemporary educational/interpretive center amongst ruins of a hilltop fortress.

What is your design philosophy/mantra?
What will make a difference in 10 years.


Elia Osorno
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