Evan Macgregor | Landscape – Oakland | Project Designer | 1st year

What is your favorite thing about working at Urban Arena?
Envisioning communities and imagining the experiences the residences will one day have.

What has been your favorite project you have worked on?
SoHay! Mixed Use and Multi-Family development centered around a new public park, and walking distance to BART

What is your favorite plant/building material?
Live Oaks. I’ve been climbing in them since I was young and they are an instant reminder of the complexity of the universe

Who/what are your inspirations for design?
I like to draw a lot of inspiration from artists and their incredible creativity. Also from the interior designers for their blending of colors, patterns, and textures.

When I’m working, I listen to…
Theory of Everything, 99pi, the Landscape Architecture Podcast, my saved library on Spotify on shuffle.

What is your go-to design charrette/brainstorm idea?

What is a dream project you would love to work on?
A gathering space for a struggling community

What is your design philosophy/mantra?
Inspire and be inspired


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