Roland Salazar | Architecture – Costa Mesa | Project Manager | 5th Year

Who/what are your inspirations for design?
Inspiration comes from what the good Lord gave us: the planet and each other. The world we live in 
provides all the inspiration needed: the people, the surroundings, nature. You only need to acknowledge where you are at every moment, 
and the awe felt in that moment can be extremely inspirational.

What is your favorite thing about working at UA?
The office culture – casual, creative, and organic

What has been your favorite project you have worked on?
Port Bristol Residence – custom single-family home in Newport Beach

What if your favorite plant/building material?
Variegated Elephant Bush. I love succulents!

When I’m working, I listen to…
An eclectic mix of things: Christian devotionals and podcasts, 70s & 80s music, Comedy station on Pandora, and sometimes just 
the white noise of the office

What is your go-to design charrette/brainstorm idea?
I’m the idea from left field. I like to listen, collaborate, and conclude. I’ll listen to the ideas bouncing around, 
and bounce back with my own idea.

What is a dream project you would love to work on?
A large custom home of an eccentric millionaire, or a social hub space, like a Gastropub/BBQ restaurant.

What is your design philosophy/mantra?
Keep ‘Fun’ in function. Be silly, we can’t take life too seriously.

Rex Cayabyab
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