Luis Lugo

Orange County  |  Irrigation Manager

Interests outside of Urban Arena:

Cooking! I love to grill, braise, roast, bake, sauté, fry and BBQ. I’ve grilled & BBQ’d in the rain, snow, and summer heat. I’m currently penning a recipe book that contains some of my favorite recipes: meat. Chili con carne (no beans!). Adobo fried chicken (who doesn’t love fried chicken). Glazed pork spareribs (oven or BBQ). Salt pork potato wedges (because, salt pork!). Bacon mac and cheese from scratch (bacon!)


Cigars! I have three humidors, including a special travel one for on-the-go. You just never know when you might need a cigar. I also have a humidor at my desk in the office, which I keep well stocked with a wide variety of hand rolled cigars. So, keep your eyes open for me manning the cigar bar at the next UA event!


Cars! I wrench on my old ’67 Ford 100 pickup whenever I get a chance and have even rebuilt the engine on it… 3 times. I used to do brake jobs, oil changes and other misc. maintenance to fund weekend BBQ’s and you guessed it, cigars.


Beer! I enjoy beer in all of its forms. On weekends that I am not BBQing, enjoying a cigar and a beer on my patio, I can often be found at a tasting room for any of the many local breweries here in SoCal. Some of my favorites have included Bagby in Carlsbad (and if you go in the winter months, you might be lucky enough to be able to order their ‘homemade’ eggnog with Buffalo Trace Bourbon), Stone in Escondido, Hangar 24 in Redlands (both the tasting room and the airshow), and Wicks in Riverside. What makes this all even better is that my wife shares this passion of mine, so I never get in trouble when I suggest grabbing a cold one!