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The art of hand drafting is very dear to me. CAD technology fascinates me. BIM Technology completes me.

– Nestor Terrill

I have the pleasure to experience the evolution from hand drafting to CAD technology. Although hand drafting is very dear to me, CAD technology has always fascinated me. Growing at a time when CAD was just starting out, I was part of the evolution, I did CAD managing, programming, creating content and standards and training and mentoring people. I love the technology and always learning new things.

My 30 years experience in the industry has taken me to another evolution now from CAD technology to BIM (Building Information Modeling). Jumping on this technology almost 10 years ago I’ve been able to really learn what BIM is. I’ve been a college instructor for 9 years now with over 9000 hours of class instruction time in various BIM software like REVIT and Navisworks. Project experience along with content creation and automation has become my everyday life.

At UA, I’ve been able to develop and grow BIM technology on projects and successfully take them from Design to Construction Documents. Developing content, standards, automation and teaching/mentoring project teams has been a great experience.

Starting from scratch out-of-the-box Revit, I rifled through the first projects creating content and standards in parallel. As I took on more projects, the content grew, and the training/mentoring team accelerated the progression. Continuing content creation, standards and automation, we are now taking advantage of BIM to build a better building. I am so lucky to be able to take UA and start the BIM evolution for the firm.

BIM aides in efficiently connecting data and drawings in a live model

With BIM, coordination has become better and more transparent in our projects and allowing us to catch building issues sooner. Expecting less RFIs and bulletins will allow for a more efficient building.

Leading the part of this BIM evolution at UA I can say has completed me. I am glad to give and always share my learnings so that we can continue to grow with innovation and progress.

Nestor Terrill – Project Manager BIM | REVIT

Nestor Terrill
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